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8 Reasons Why Croatia Should be Your Next Food & Wine Destination

You are a foodie and love exploring countryside while sipping glasses of wine. You are looking for your next destination? You have heard about Croatia as a “must” place to visit but have you thought about Croatia as a hidden food and wine gem? Want to discover where Zinfandel comes from?

Often when meeting people all around the world we explain what makes Croatia such great location for enjoying amazing food and wine. Read this list and learn why you should add Croatia to your culinary and wine bucket list… 


1. Thousands of years of tradition and influences…

Croatia has been settled for thousands of years and from ancient Greek and Roman times wine has been produced in the area. It is perfectly normal in Croatia to produce your family wine or olive oil. Being on the intersection of so many cultural spheres that meet in its area, such as Mediterranean, central European and Eastern, Croatia has a great culinary tradition that take best of all of them and combines them in a unique and amazingly tasty ways. What better way to learn about those thousands of years of history than to go directly to the source and to taste it, learn how to prepare food in cooking classes and have fun while at it. Being a country of 1000 islands and miles of beaches helps as well!


 2. Everything is fresh…

Authentic ways are still very involved in everyday life in Croatia and one thing very common is to go to the open green market each morning or to fish market and buy fresh ingredients for your lunch or dinner. Do it like locals do…in your trip include a cooking class and experience authentic Croatian food from buying the produce to preparing it. Later, mingle in the streets with the locals in the bars and capture that Mediterranean easy going way of life.



 3. More than 130 indigenous wine grape varieties…

Yes, you read it correctly. 130 indigenous grape varieties and counting and no better way of getting to know them than going to the vineyards and trying them with the winemaker explaining you all the subtleties of each one. How many can you taste during your stay in Croatia? Don’t be afraid of tasting as much as you can since Croatians drink most wine per capita than any other country in the world, almost 45 liters! (Actually, we are 3rd right behind Vatican and Andorra but outside those city states we are number 1).



4. One of them is Original Zinfandel…

Like a crime mystery novel story of discovering original Zinfandel has twists and turns, had DNA testing and it lasted for many years. Learn how it was discovered that original Zin comes from Croatia and of course taste it!


5. Want to experience Croatia? There is no better way of getting to know Croatia than through its food and wine…

Food is an integral part of local life. Everything happens around family tables; all celebrations and all misfortunes of life are somehow easier after a good meal. It is rude to leave a guest hungry in Croatia and that is why visiting locals and experiencing those moments with them will show you true hart and nature of Croatia.




6. It’s safe…

In these troubled times it is comforting knowing that Croatia is a safe destination, globally and locally with very low crime rate. Strolling on your own through the streets of towns is perfectly safe and one of the best ways of getting to know Croatia.




7. Very easy to get to…

Croatia is just a 2-hour flight time away from any international hub airports in Europe, have a morning coffee in London, Rome or Frankfurt and lunch by the sea drinking one of many Croatian indigenous wines.
*Last year direct flight from Dubai to Zagreb was introduces with plans of adding flights to Dubrovnik as well as direct flights from North America.


8. Still undiscovered…

Croatia still feels like a hidden secret for those who have been there, although it is getting noticed and becoming more and more popular each year, and offers great authentic experience unhindered by years of tourism. It allows you to be a true traveler, to discover it by getting involved in everyday local life, by tasting food that has been prepared in the same way for centuries and by experiencing some of the best wines in the world. Only thing that is left is go there…


Uniqueness / Pampering / Authentic / Gourmet / Heritage / Customized / The magic of taste / Indulgence

These are the words that our guests often associate with traveling with us. Imagine your trip to Croatia as a delicate combination of wine and culinary experience intertwined with most breathtaking landscapes and hospitality that is an addendum designed to pamper all of your senses without any exceptions.

Our mission is to take you on a journey throughout Croatian rich culture and Mediterranean heritage accompanied with finest dishes that Dalmatia and its hinterland have to offer. Within that, we will make sure that every single detail is being taken care of so everything you have to do is just sit back and enjoy everything we have prepared for you and for your authentic experience.

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